The Junior Coaching Programme

The Junior Coaching Programme runs throughout the school year Sept-Dec and Jan-June, catering for ages 5 and up, open to members and non members. During the school holidays Multi-Sport Kids Camps are organised with the full use of Railway Union Sports Club.

The Junior Club Championships take place in August and are the highlight of the year for competitive players. Tournaments and round robin events are organised throughout the year. There is also the Junior Ladder Challenge and Junior Aces – a program where juniors who have shown effort and enthusiasm in group coaching are rewarded with the offer of subsidised organised practice sessions with a coach and players of the same standard.

Other favourites with the juniors include – Junior & Senior Tournament, Inter-Club Friendlies and Socials Events for Teenagers. Our juniors take part in many different Leagues with appropriate standards for all ages and abilities. There is also a Social Calendar of events including Movie Nights, Pizza Tournaments, Discos, and Club Outings.

Throughout the school holidays and particularly for the whole months of July and August – Monday to Friday, mornings and afternoons there are Club Stewards on Duty to supervise all junior activities.

The Junior Ladders

  • All matches are first to 9 games with a tie-break at 8-all
  • A player may challenge anyone on the ladder for their first match
  • After that, players may challenge up to 3 places ahead
  • Correct balls and court must be used and the challenger must supply the match balls
  • Winner must report score to stewards straight after the match
  • Disputes settled at the sole discretion of ladder coordinator
  • Ladders will culminate at the end of the summer with a special prize presented to the player who has completed the most matches

Tips for greater enjoyment

A new member on a challenge ladder may find that the first one or two matches played on the ladder appear to be mismatches. Don’t be discouraged – as the season progresses, the ladder sorts itself. So don’t just sit there – get involved! Like you, the other members of your challenge ladder are eager to play.

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